Kleintierpraxis "Am Ring"


Dear customers, on account of the present situation, we ask you to respect the following rules:

Please ring the bell outside the clinic and wait, a staff member will open the door and let you enter. For security reasons, only 1 person is admitted to the clinic when accompanying an animal patient. Inside, only one person plus staff members are admitted per room. Please keep the necessary distance to other persons.


Veterinary Surgeon Basel - Institution for small animal medicine in Basel

The team of Dr.med.vet. Till Suter, small animal specialist, takes care of all of your pet’s health issues. The modern infrastructure of the clinic with an inhouse lab and digital X-ray device permits us to diagnose diseases and to take appropriate steps immediately. By keeping our knowledge and the equipment up to date we can guarantee the latest techniques in diagnostics, therapy and surgery. For diagnostic imaging procedures, like magnetic resonance tomography or computer tomography and other high tech domains we work together with specialists and the universities of Berne and Zurich. Our specialties are minimal invasive surgeries like the laparascopic spaying of the bitch or arthroscopic treatment of joint disease, and orthopedic surgeries, like for instance patellar luxations or cruciate ligament ruptures in the knee.